Higher Education CLaaS

We deliver affordable under-graduate and post-graduate applied degrees CLaaS with an international work-study journey for incubating GLOCAL (Global yet Local) digital talents with international degree credentials. Our applied degrees are accredited by over 100 international universities across Asia and Europe.

Applied Degree CLaaS® for Digital Career Induction

Our under-graduate work study degree adopts work-based learning delivery with 1 year of knowledge acquisition in the classroom and 3 years of on-the-job training at the workplace for seamless job induction before graduation. It includes applied degrees for Digital Business, Software Engineering, and Digital Systems Administration.

We deliver work ready skills with personalised mentoring from industry experts  using real world projects. Our learners are global-ready as they are engaged in online2offline learning and work full time, alongside international learners and employers, in a borderless setting supported by over 50 regional campuses from across Asia.

Our work-study degree is highly affordable as most of our learners will earn more than their tuition fees for a debt-free degree. Our income assurance scheme delivers earning top-up on graduation for learners unable to secure stipulated income.

With global-ready skills and and 3 years of full-time working experience under their belt, we expect our learners to double their salary on graduation compere to conventional graduates.

Our work-study degree delivers superior return on education investment where we expect 80% of the cohort to earn more than the tuition fee paid, even before graduation.

Post-Graduate CLaaS® for Digital Upskilling and Transformation

For post-graduate programs, we target adult learners and enterprises for digital upskilling and digital transformation respectively.

For adult learners, we deliver digital upskilling CLaaS® for career transition and enhancement to stay relevant in the digital economy

For enterprises, we deliver digital transformation CLaaS® to facilitate workplace digital upskilling for digital engagement, tech-enabled operations, business intelligence, and digital workplace implementation.