Bridging talents crunch and income inequality with eduCLaaS

Bridging talents crunch and income inequality with eduCLaaS

Future of Work in Asia

Digital talents crunch

Korn Ferry’s global talent crunch study estimates that the Asia Pacific is set for a severe skills crunch due to the digital revolution with talents shortage rising to 47 million (55% of Global Shortage) by 2030 at an annual opportunity cost of $4.2 trillion.

Post-Covid virtual workplace

Cushman & Wakefield Study – 50% of the workforce will work from anywhere with an internet connection. Future workplaces will be mobile, connected, collaborative, flexible, and distributed.

Rising income inequality

In Asia, despite recent economic growth, income inequality has been profound. Fresh graduates in Singapore earn 5-10 times more than neighboring countries.

Future of Learning

Digital Skills Shift

Mckinsey Global Institute (MGI)5 survey reported that workforce skills will shift with the digital revolution. It indicated that all digital skills, both basic and advanced technology skills, including 21st-century soft skills, will see substantial growth in demand.

Digital skills have become essential skills for achieving career growth in the new digital economy.

Academic to Applied Education

With frequent reskilling needed for rapid job changes, academic education front loading at higher education institutions is no longer practical. It is a poor return on investment when the jobs learners study for no longer exist by the time they graduate.

There needs to be a convergence between academic education and skills-based training for an applied learning delivery able to develop ‘plug and play’ skills talents required by modern employers.

Classroom to Workplace Learning

Classroom-oriented learning is ineffective and inefficient.

To keep pace with today’s VUCA environment – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity, talents and enterprises need to adopt learning that delivers workplace skills utilization with tangible career and business outcomes.

Disrupting Class with CLaaS®

CLaaS delivers Competency Learning as a Service to support digital upskilling for higher education students, working adults, and enterprises.

It adopts work-integrated learning pedagogy with Pan-Asia industry eco-systems support for a borderless work2learn journey that delivers GLOCAL (Global yet Local) talents ready to grow in the digital economy.

Our learners progress from knowledge acquisition in the classroom to workplace skills mastery, mentored by industry experts using real-work projects.

Lifelong Learning CLaaS

Applied Degree CLaaS for Higher Education

Affordable work-study degree with guaranteed career induction 3 years before graduation.

Lifelong Learning CLaaS for Working Adults

Intensive 3-6 months digital skills acceleration training with expert mentoring for transition into high growth digital jobs.

Digital Transformation CLaaS@Work for Enterprises

Contextualized workplace learning for workforce upskilling to support digital transformation.

Just-in-time CLaaS Talents for Employers

Talent acquisition, incubation, and offshoring for distributed workforce development.

CLaaStech for Educational Institutions

Integrated yet modular education technology for blended learning delivery.


Pan-Asia Digital Talent and Learning Platform

Covid-19 outbreak has torn down all barriers to learning and working online. More than just delivering digitally skilled talents with CLaaS, our Pan-Asia eduCLaaS platform connects higher education students, working adults, industry experts, tech vendors, enterprises, employers, and higher education institutions for delivering total training and talents solution which is able to holistically mitigate the digital skills gap between emerging and developed economies across Asia at SCALE.

eduCLaaS Learning Alliances

eduCLaaS Learning Alliance

eduCLaaS Learning Alliances

eduCLaaS Learning Alliance

eduCLaaS Industry Alliances

eduCLaaS Industry Alliance

eduCLaaS Industry Alliances

eduCLaaS Industry Alliance

About Lithan and eduCLaaS

Our Vision – To be the leading Digital Learning and Talents Platform.

Our Mission – Deliver Future-Ready Talents and Enterprises.

Our Value and Culture – We Learn, Innovate, and Grow.

Customers – Over 30,000 Learners and 2,000 Enterprises Served.

Accreditations and Awards

– Edutrust certified by Committee for Private Education (CPE) Singapore

– Appointed as CET Centre (Continuous Education) by SkillsFuture Singapore

– Accredited international training centers for Pearson UK

– Microsoft Global Learning Partner of the Year Award (Top 3) in 2018

– Asia’s Pearson’s College of the Year (Bronze) Award in 2019

– APAC CIO’s Top 10 Edutech Solution Provider Award in 2020.