Disrupting Class with CLaaS®

MOOCs have democratised education, making it available for almost free to the masses globally by leveraging on advanced internet technology. However, studies have shown that when education is entirely self-paced and self-driven, the success rate is low, as demonstrated by the high dropout rates.  The one-size-fits-all online learning offered by MOOCs has clearly fallen short of its promise to transform education, particularly for higher education, adult learning, and corporate training where tangible skills outcomes will be required.

Our solution to overcome the ineffectiveness of the traditional classroom training is CLaaS. CLaaS or Competency Learning as a Service, delivers mass customised learning for students, professionals, and enterprises over the cloud and on-demand.

CLaaS delivers non-invasive, just-enough, and just-in-time learning. It leverages advanced education technology with innovative learning pedagogy to deliver tangible skills outcomes including skills utilization at the workplace. Learners can personalise their learning journey; learning only what they need at their own pace anytime anywhere with alignment to their career and personal commitments.

CLaaS is aligned around a competency-based curriculum to deliver specific skills and competencies required by employers and the industry. We deliver skills utilization at the workplace by shifting the role of our faculty from that of a “sage on stage” to a “Personal Mentor” that helps learners synthesize and apply their knowledge.

We implement work-integrated applied learning pedagogy to deliver improved KSAs – Knowledge, Skills, and Ability. Our learners progress from knowledge acquisition in the classroom to higher order skills application and on-the-job skills mastery at the workplace using real-life or simulated projects.

Our learning program is broken into bite-sized learning components and can be stacked together like lego bricks to deliver various learning outcomes. These learning components or objects are self-contained items, which can be tagged, combined, or sequenced to form longer learning interactions. Individuals can therefore arrange these learning objects into learning sessions that form their own learning journey depending on their personal needs and preferences.

CLaaS comprises over 20 qualifications and 100 modular training programs to deliver digital skills for high demand future jobs in digital business,  agile innovations, business applications, data analytics,  artificial intelligence,   software development, and systems administration.