CLaaStech for higherED Digital Transformation

CLaaStech is an integrated yet modular education technology solution for delivering unified online2offline learner-centric engagement and journey. It supports end2end straight-through processing from omnichannel marketing and recruitment to blended learning management and administration for optimum operational efficiency.

CLaaStech leverages artificial intelligence, data analytics, and chatbot technology for delivering a personalized learning journey tailored to individual capabilities and needs. It supports real-time learning facilitation, monitor learning progress, predicts learning outcomes, and assesses course design and faculty effectiveness.

CLaaStech CRM supports an “outside-in” learner-centric journey with end-2end  omni-marketing campaigns development, sales funnels management, applications, and admission processing.

CLaaStech Virtual Campus delivers an online2offline blended learning experience while AI-driven Virtual Mentor facilitates intelligent learning with predictable outcomes.

CLaaStech ERP supports blended learning administration to include course management, facility management, enrolment management, and exam management.

CLaaStech Talents 360 delivers a data-driven approach to talent management. It maintains a unified 360-degree view of each talent to include preferences, interests, educations, skills profile, career goals, skills gap, learning plan, etc. It provides AI-powered learning and talents analytics to deliver actionable learning recommendations in alignment with the skills framework for course planning and career exploration.