Lifelong Learning CLaaS

Lifelong Learning CLaaS® augmented by integrated job placement delivers seamless career induction or transition for high growth future jobs in the digital economy. It comprises of over 20 qualifications, each including 4-6 modules with 3-6 months’ duration, for delivering job specific digital skills and competencies.

CLaaS for Technology Professionals

Increasingly sophisticated machine-learning technology will displace white-collar workers. Therefore, even tech professionals need to keep pace with the emerging new technologies such as big data,  AI and virtual reality which are expected to render old jobs obsolete and create new ones.

To develop future-ready tech professionals, we deliver digital skills acceleration CLaaS for emerging technologies including full-stack software development,  cybersecurity, cloud administration, data science, and artificial intelligence technologies.

CLaaS for Non-IT Professionals

Technology is becoming an integral part of almost every industry, from banking and manufacturing to pharmaceutical companies.

To support non-IT professionals in the new digital economy, we deliver digital skills acceleration CLaaS for induction into digital business and technology implementation jobs. CLaaS for non-IT professionals includes digital business, digital marketing, business applications, business analytics, and agile innovation.