Enterprise Digital Transformation

To remain competitive, traditional enterprises need to adopt disruptive innovations, develop an agile workforce, adopt technology, and implement digital best practices.

CLaaS@Work supports digital Learning and Development at the workplace with contextualized curriculum, on-demand mentors, and learning technology as a service. It is structured to bridge 3 major learning gaps inherent with traditional corporate training, namely relevant gap, outcome gap, and access gap.

We deliver integrated training with digital transformation mentoring to implement digital capabilities for digital engagement, tech-enabled operations, data intelligence, and digital workplace implementation.

For larger corporates, we deliver end2end workplace learning support from digital skills profiling, learning plan development, curriculum contextualisation, faculty on-demand, workforce analytics, learning technology, workplace learning facilitation, and management.

We contextualize CLaaS with workflow integration via live project implementations to deliver workplace skills utilization for tangible business OUTCOMES.